I Wish I had Learnt to Read…

As a 9 year old, I had a hard time making a habit out of reading. Because of my limited attempts towards it, I am now a really slow reader and regret not having learnt to read novels early on.

So, here’s to my struggle –

I wish I had learnt how to read
Back when I was 9 or 10
With the glib enthusiasm I see
In those who had instead.

I wish I’d appreciated
Novels the way other kids did;
Then I wouldn’t have struggled
With big words and grandiose sentences.

I wish I had not
Left all those efforts unfinished;
When I picked up a book and tried
I usually gave up in minutes.

But as I started seeing
All my friends reading,
I felt a sad jealousy
And vowed to succeeding.

It did take me 3 years
But at the age of 12
I picked up a book
And read it till the end.


Featured Image
Another of my hobbies I had as a kid, and still do, is sketching. I sketched this when I was 12 years old.


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