And It Was Then…

A poem I wrote on how a man met the woman of his dreams…


I knew I was in love
Right when I looked into her pretty green eyes;
Mine are icy blue,
And hers complement mine so good.

She was looking out of the window,
Lost in a world of her own;
While I looked at her,
Wondering how someone can be so beautiful.

Her hair was the color of sun-kissed autumn leaves,
And she wore a jade green dress;
Her shoes were pearl white,
And she looked like the best chance I can get.

My heart stopped the minute
I made the decision to approach her;
And my words fumbled when
She looked at me and smiled.

But she understood my situation,
And let me carry this conversation somewhere;
And that I did,
So we began dating then.

And now when I look at it all,
All the past years, all that went wrong,
I guess she was the one all along,
To make my heart beat to live once more.

And with ten years long gone,
Looking into her still so beautiful eyes,
Makes me believe that
I’m pretty sure I ain’t wrong.


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