All My “Whatevers”…

Like every poem, this one is open to all kinds of meanings that you can relate to. Enjoy!


Do I understand my troubles?
Do I understand my doubts?
Do I wanna be bad or better?
Why do I feel like it’s all whatever.

Do I want to be sad or happy?
Why do I feel ‘up’ when I’m cranky?
Do I love making riddles and
Fitting them in rhythmic
Poetry and sing like
It’s all whatever.

See, I just need to get my
Head in the game, to win my
Luck, that’s forever
Being lost on my “whatevers”.

See I’m done misunderstanding this game
and swimming like a fish in water;
When I’m sitting on a tree, I realize
I’m just a fish out of water.

It’s stupid when I think of my past and
the future then seems so bright;
I’m stupid to think if I dwell into deep,
I’ll fix this puzzle alright.

So, I’ll waste all my “whatevers”
And give a damn for a change.
I’ll smile like it’s forever,
And play no more of these games.

I’ll build a home out of hugs and kisses,
And then we can live together in it;
You can be a part of my forever,
If that is what you really require.



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