It Was More Than Just Their Music…

While most of the people, mostly lying in the sets of ‘below 20 years old’ and older than 35 years, may not understand the fame of Linkin Park to the same magnitude as ‘the 20-35 years old’, I would like to shed some light on it.


Linkin Park was, to us, the voice of a struggling teenager. The release of Hybrid theory, back in 2000, featured songs like In The End, One Step Closer, Crawling, Pushing Me Away, Points of Authority and Papercut; all of which in some way fit into a teenager’s emotional puzzle. A teenager’s obsession with Linkin Park wasn’t just because their songs were amazing, but also because the songs resonated with how they felt but could never put into words. Take for example, In The End – which kind of became the Linkin Park “anthem” for every teenager ever – talking about the feeling of working hard at something and not seeing things happen that way and the FRUSTRATION and the turmoil of that amalgam.


In 2003, Meteora was released and was received with a bang. I can’t think of anyone of this age group who hasn’t sung Numb with effusive intensity. Numb described the feeling of not fitting in, of not understanding the reasons, the ‘whys’ of life and the frustration that follows. Breaking The Habit surrounds the same confusion. Other relatables include Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Faint, From The Inside, among others.

Then came Minutes To Midnight, in 2007. Although quite different from their first two albums, songs such as Given Up, Leave Out All The Rest, Bleed It Out, Shadow Of The Day, and What I’ve Done did reverberate with the teenage audience.

I was well out of my teenage years when the other albums came, so I can’t be a judge of how it related to the present teenagers.

But I guess all I can say is that Linkin Park played a major role in our lives through their music and helped us vocalize the feelings we thought were inexplicable. They not only taught us what these feeling are, but also taught us how to combat these and overcome our fears. Their music gave us courage, an adrenaline rush, tears, in some case a dopamine rush as well, and all-in-all answers that we were then (and are even now) struggling to find.

Evolution of the logo (left to right)

So, I sincerely thank Linkin Park for their music and for making it a part of our lives. We couldn’t have faced our fears without you.

RIP Chester Bennington






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