It’s Been A While…

Sorry for such a long absence. I have been drafting and re-drafting new poems and I just feel that there is still a lot more work to be done to improve them.

But I want to fill this void, so I give you this poem based upon the end rhymes of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. This was my assignment for The Poetry Workshop course on Coursera, and since I have completed it I thought of sharing it here. I hope you enjoy!

(Based upon the end rhymes of ‘The Road Not Taken’
By Robert Frost)

The pink color of tulip wood,
And the dark brown of mahogany; both
Seemed too distinct as they stood.
Yet, I wonder if it could
Make me feel as pure and secure as the undergrowth.

Both these choices seemed fair,
If only my mind can find the better claim!
Pink or brown, what to wear;
If only I could say I’m almost there!
With these big or small decisions, it’s always the same.

So, instead I just lay
Back to sleep, let it all turn black.
And then I dream of my decisions every day!
If only I learn to figure out a way,
To solve this stack of problems to which I have been turning my back.

But all I can do is sigh;
And wait for that to happen, hence:
I’ll change this insecure routine of mine, I—
Will learn to tackle my problems and get by,
And that will, hopefully, make a difference.


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