Window Seats…

I never understood how someone can like the seat at the aisle
Be it on airplanes, buses or trains;
When just around the other corner is a vial
Of the outer world loose of all kinds of strain.

Like a portal to wonderland,
It gives a chance to lose ourselves,
In the depth and discreteness
Of the never ending sceneries in the depth. 

Windows are beautiful,
And window seats are perfect,
To view the world
Without stereotypical perspectives.

And I believe
Windows are amazing screens
That reflect out our imagination
Into sedulous expectations.

So sitting on this priority line,
Viewing time as it goes by,
I’m watching the shades go darker,
Into a night sky, from the starker.

And it’s all so beautiful;
That it’ll be a shame not to see it,
And feel it like I feel it,
Glancing out, through the window.


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27 Reasons Why You Should ALWAYS Ask for the Window Seat


My Angel….

A man falls in love with a woman he believes to have angelic qualities. As he finds and loses her, read along the trial of his emotions as he struggles with her loss…


I knew an Angel,
She lived in such divine.
I was her stranger,
But she still loved me just fine.
I just couldn’t see through
with all of her so cool.

I asked my Angel
So why do u live with “lives”?
You are an Angel,
You belong up in the sky.
And she smiled and said
It’s all just a part of a plan.

And I sit here looking out of the window,
I like seeing my Angel from far away in the limbo,
As she had been watching me since ages from clouds above,
I swear, oh my Angel, I’ll make it right for you my love.

I met the Goddess,
She held her head up high;
But my Angel,
Was just another crime
In the eyes of
Beauty and charm and clarity.

She told my Angel
You should come back home;
People are lonely souls,
You can’t help them all alone;
And I watched her take my Angel from me.

And I sit here looking out of the window,
I like seeing my Angel from far away in the limbo,
As she had been watching me since ages from clouds above,
I swear, oh my Angel, I’ll make it right for you my love.

Will my Angel
Ever come back to me?
I miss her so much,
It hurts me way too deep.
But in the end rainbows end, high and low.
So, I guess I would have to let go.


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(I know it is not related to the post, but it helps in not getting overwhelmed by tragic stories)
I take this moment to introduce my lovely angel (whose main hobbies include eating and mating…and not getting clicked easily). If you like fish (and/or aquatic plants, snails) too, let me know, I’d love to share my aquarium stories here! 🙂

Let Things Be…

via Daily Prompt: Meddle

Why make me smile?
why make me cry?
Why make things worse?
Or make them sad?
Why can’t you just let me be me?
Why can’t you let there be peace?

Why change others for your sake?
Why change everything but you?
Why make do with yourself?
When the real change awaits in you.

Why mend fights not yours to be mended?
Why kiss guys not yours to be kissed?
Why come in between things not your business?
Why pretend that nobody’ll notice?

Help those who need help,
But no one asked for a meddler;
Keep your selfishness to yourself,
No one needs your rationalisations.

So, go home,
Do something productive;
Get out of my head, get into yours.
And instead of cindering on my flaws,
Get a hang of your own faults.

Power Naps…

Rest and rewind,
Travel back in time,
Retain in your mind
All that happened in sleepless times.

Open your eyes
Back in your dream’s design;
Think and solve
All these​ equations, unaligned.

Notice everything,
See every detail;
Don’t miss out,
Or you might fail.

Taste your desires,
Feel your spirit;
This is who you are,
As powerful as these feelings.

So go ahead,
Get back in time;
Your five minutes are up,
It’s time to smile.

Time to go home,
Get back on the horse,
Run across the danger,
Drag down all your foes.


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Happy Girl…

I know you love me,
I love you too;
I know you care deeply
For me, as I for you.

But these things can’t be said
By me, I don’t know why;
It chokes me so hard,
That I start to cry.

But I have to let you know
So I don’t make this feel otherwise;
I love you so
That it scares me to put it outside.

So please understand
That I know you love me,
And I love you too,
As I always have been.

So know that I’m not sad;
Understand that it’s not you;
I’m a happy girl,
As I’ve been ever since I found you.

I love you
Seem lesser words
Compared to
How much I love you…


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The Review: Looking For Alaska…

I believe that it is a beautiful experience to experience the unknown. So, I never research on the unknown until I ‘full-fledgedly’ understand its existence. I did the same with this book. Having no idea about this book, I just dived in. And it took me a long way from whatever I had in mind.

Looking for Alaska is, I believe, a metaphor for the search of answers, for love, for hope, for the ‘whys’, for the search of ‘A Great Perhaps’. It dwells deep in the emotional state of those teenage years where everything seems possible, and every feeling is true. Miles, in the search for ‘A Great Perhaps’ joins Culver Creek for, what I call, ‘the real college experience’(in this case, “school”). Alaska, an effervescent girl, is the epitome of originality, spontaneity and pranks. And Miles, so deeply and truly, falls in love with her.

The book focuses on loving, letting-go, on not-knowing-all-the-answers, and on friendship. How sometimes, things are more complicated than they appear to be; how we can always use some hope; and how the small and careless things in life can deter your entire journey.

John Green portrayed the concluding emotions of everyone close to Alaska in a beautiful way and showed what the path to moving on looks like. It is hard, but it is necessary to go from that choking feeling of losing everything dear to you, to being okay with losing it.

We’re all stuck in this labyrinth of suffering. But it is entirely up to us if we want to give in or give up, struggle or enjoy, love or hate, stay or leave. Alaska searches for a way out of the labyrinth of suffering and comes up with ‘straight and fast’. Chip and Miles decide to stay. The thing is, this journey, this labyrinth, is our own creation and I think it is entirely up to us how we want to go about it. I mean, there is no one answer; our journeys are unique and so should our decision to go about this labyrinth be.

After all, we need to keep going out there to search for our ‘Great Perhaps’.

Your Song…

Your song is a distant memory
That I hide beneath all my other feelings;
It showcases my lost dreams and fears
That need not be seen.

Your song is piled along
With all the other music I made through my life;
Along with the darker shades of blue
And the lighter shades of scarlet.

Your song is a smile
That I have never shown to anyone;
Not even you deserve to see
What you mean to me.

I’m so afraid I’ll lose this
Essence of happiness you give me;
I’m so scared I’ll forget
All of what you make me feel.

So I keep your song in my head
So all that is left is love to be felt.


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