The Skateboard of Beliefs..

This is another of my works from the Poetry Workshop I completed on Coursera. It took a lot of revising and re-revising, just for me to realize that I preferred the first draft. So, this is it. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


As I pass by train tracks and Juniper trees,
A sudden epiphany crosses me,
Skateboarding my way through my difficulties,
I know I can pass through with ease.

Nothing else seems to matter anymore,
It’s just me, my skateboard and these Juniper trees;
And this realization, that I so strongly hold
In my head, as I take a leap into my beliefs.

I now know nothing can hit me,
No sticks or stones can make me fall;
Riding on my skateboard through this breeze,
I understand now that I am strong.

I believe I can be whoever I want to,
I believe I can achieve whatever I need;
I know it’s true, as I skate my way through
All these naysayers, hiding behind the trees.


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It’s Been A While…

Sorry for such a long absence. I have been drafting and re-drafting new poems and I just feel that there is still a lot more work to be done to improve them.

But I want to fill this void, so I give you this poem based upon the end rhymes of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. This was my assignment for The Poetry Workshop course on Coursera, and since I have completed it I thought of sharing it here. I hope you enjoy!

(Based upon the end rhymes of ‘The Road Not Taken’
By Robert Frost)

The pink color of tulip wood,
And the dark brown of mahogany; both
Seemed too distinct as they stood.
Yet, I wonder if it could
Make me feel as pure and secure as the undergrowth.

Both these choices seemed fair,
If only my mind can find the better claim!
Pink or brown, what to wear;
If only I could say I’m almost there!
With these big or small decisions, it’s always the same.

So, instead I just lay
Back to sleep, let it all turn black.
And then I dream of my decisions every day!
If only I learn to figure out a way,
To solve this stack of problems to which I have been turning my back.

But all I can do is sigh;
And wait for that to happen, hence:
I’ll change this insecure routine of mine, I—
Will learn to tackle my problems and get by,
And that will, hopefully, make a difference.

It Was More Than Just Their Music…

While most of the people, mostly lying in the sets of ‘below 20 years old’ and older than 35 years, may not understand the fame of Linkin Park to the same magnitude as ‘the 20-35 years old’, I would like to shed some light on it.


Linkin Park was, to us, the voice of a struggling teenager. The release of Hybrid theory, back in 2000, featured songs like In The End, One Step Closer, Crawling, Pushing Me Away, Points of Authority and Papercut; all of which in some way fit into a teenager’s emotional puzzle. A teenager’s obsession with Linkin Park wasn’t just because their songs were amazing, but also because the songs resonated with how they felt but could never put into words. Take for example, In The End – which kind of became the Linkin Park “anthem” for every teenager ever – talking about the feeling of working hard at something and not seeing things happen that way and the FRUSTRATION and the turmoil of that amalgam.


In 2003, Meteora was released and was received with a bang. I can’t think of anyone of this age group who hasn’t sung Numb with effusive intensity. Numb described the feeling of not fitting in, of not understanding the reasons, the ‘whys’ of life and the frustration that follows. Breaking The Habit surrounds the same confusion. Other relatables include Somewhere I Belong, Lying From You, Faint, From The Inside, among others.

Then came Minutes To Midnight, in 2007. Although quite different from their first two albums, songs such as Given Up, Leave Out All The Rest, Bleed It Out, Shadow Of The Day, and What I’ve Done did reverberate with the teenage audience.

I was well out of my teenage years when the other albums came, so I can’t be a judge of how it related to the present teenagers.

But I guess all I can say is that Linkin Park played a major role in our lives through their music and helped us vocalize the feelings we thought were inexplicable. They not only taught us what these feeling are, but also taught us how to combat these and overcome our fears. Their music gave us courage, an adrenaline rush, tears, in some case a dopamine rush as well, and all-in-all answers that we were then (and are even now) struggling to find.

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So, I sincerely thank Linkin Park for their music and for making it a part of our lives. We couldn’t have faced our fears without you.

RIP Chester Bennington





All My “Whatevers”…

Like every poem, this one is open to all kinds of meanings that you can relate to. Enjoy!


Do I understand my troubles?
Do I understand my doubts?
Do I wanna be bad or better?
Why do I feel like it’s all whatever.

Do I want to be sad or happy?
Why do I feel ‘up’ when I’m cranky?
Do I love making riddles and
Fitting them in rhythmic
Poetry and sing like
It’s all whatever.

See, I just need to get my
Head in the game, to win my
Luck, that’s forever
Being lost on my “whatevers”.

See I’m done misunderstanding this game
and swimming like a fish in water;
When I’m sitting on a tree, I realize
I’m just a fish out of water.

It’s stupid when I think of my past and
the future then seems so bright;
I’m stupid to think if I dwell into deep,
I’ll fix this puzzle alright.

So, I’ll waste all my “whatevers”
And give a damn for a change.
I’ll smile like it’s forever,
And play no more of these games.

I’ll build a home out of hugs and kisses,
And then we can live together in it;
You can be a part of my forever,
If that is what you really require.


And It Was Then…

A poem I wrote on how a man met the woman of his dreams…


I knew I was in love
Right when I looked into her pretty green eyes;
Mine are icy blue,
And hers complement mine so good.

She was looking out of the window,
Lost in a world of her own;
While I looked at her,
Wondering how someone can be so beautiful.

Her hair was the color of sun-kissed autumn leaves,
And she wore a jade green dress;
Her shoes were pearl white,
And she looked like the best chance I can get.

My heart stopped the minute
I made the decision to approach her;
And my words fumbled when
She looked at me and smiled.

But she understood my situation,
And let me carry this conversation somewhere;
And that I did,
So we began dating then.

And now when I look at it all,
All the past years, all that went wrong,
I guess she was the one all along,
To make my heart beat to live once more.

And with ten years long gone,
Looking into her still so beautiful eyes,
Makes me believe that
I’m pretty sure I ain’t wrong.

I Wish I had Learnt to Read…

As a 9 year old, I had a hard time making a habit out of reading. Because of my limited attempts towards it, I am now a really slow reader and regret not having learnt to read novels early on.

So, here’s to my struggle –

I wish I had learnt how to read
Back when I was 9 or 10
With the glib enthusiasm I see
In those who had instead.

I wish I’d appreciated
Novels the way other kids did;
Then I wouldn’t have struggled
With big words and grandiose sentences.

I wish I had not
Left all those efforts unfinished;
When I picked up a book and tried
I usually gave up in minutes.

But as I started seeing
All my friends reading,
I felt a sad jealousy
And vowed to succeeding.

It did take me 3 years
But at the age of 12
I picked up a book
And read it till the end.


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Another of my hobbies I had as a kid, and still do, is sketching. I sketched this when I was 12 years old.

The Review: The Great Gatsby…

This is an ineffable task.

I decided to write a review to this masterpiece two weeks ago, when I finished reading the book. So effusive with the intensity of the story, I have been meaning to write this in a while. But…but anything I write or say or think doesn’t so nicely explain the state of my heart as I followed the roller-coaster, which was the life of Mr. Jay Gatsby.

But I’ll try.

Jay Gatsby was a man of charisma, of humbleness, and a man who truly loved no one other than Daisy all his life. Having lost the chance of being with her in the past, Gatsby made himself from scratch just to be worth a man for Daisy. All his riches, all his reputation, all his parties were all in the name of Daisy. And when he finally gets together with Daisy…he is back in the past, to the time he spent with her, to the time he first kissed her.

Daisy, overwhelmed with her love for Gatsby, wants to run away and be with him forever, static in a time when love is all that is required. But Gatsby wants her to stay with him in this time and claim her love for him by telling her husband that she never loved him. But Daisy was stuck between the love she felt both for Gatsby and her husband, Tom, and could not say so; and after seeing the altercation between Tom and Gatsby, she just wants to go back to her already existent life.

While Daisy is in the mindset of getting away from this mess, Gatsby is too deep in love with Daisy, only waiting for her call, for all his dreams to fall into place. All Gatsby is waiting for is Daisy to understand…to understand that all he did in his life was done to lead him to her, all he has become is for her, all the riches are for her, all his love, just everything, it’s for her. But he finds it so hard to make her understand, the way she did five years ago.

On Gatsby’s funeral, the realization Nick faces is the truth. Nobody from those lavish parties cared to attend Gatsby’s funeral. Nor did any of his business associates. Daisy didn’t even bother sending a flower.

People just walk in your life and do what they please, not realizing how fragile a heart is. And these people, careless as they are, walk out of the mess they make as if everything is just shimmering stars. And you, with the heart that loves, keep chasing after the shimmering light from the past, so that one day it can fit into your vision of the future. But it only drags you down, into the place where the past has long far gone.

In the end, I would like to thank Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald for writing this masterpiece.