You want to ‘learn’ a hobby,
You say it like it’s a short-term job;
It’s nothing special to you,
Just a resume building block.

You want to dance and sing,
Not because it’s fun;
Multitasking skills,
Are all you’re looking for.

It’s a shame, but who’s to blame?
We just do what the world asks of us;
It’s a shame, what we do for fame,
And money is all we think of.

We are just machines,
We do things for the incentives;
We don’t feel a thing,
Just programmed to succeed.

We are just machines,
Looking for nothing real;
Just the same old gold,
That’s what we’re living for.


Featured Image – Stars Wars Super Battle Droids


Not Today…

I’ve been struggling inside,
Trying to make something of my life;
Something that I really want,
But I’m so scared of getting lost.

I’m worried about a future,
I want for me, and
Sometimes I’m fine crawling,
on the dead ends.

Headed towards nothing much;
That’s not me, not who I used to be;
It’s not that girl with dreams,
It’s just situational gloom maybe.

I’m always busy trying and trying,
And sometimes I have no wish to succeed;
It’s as if I’m wasting time,
Fooling myself that it’s needed.

But today something changed,
I looked in the mirror and it broke my perspective;
I saw how stupid I had been,
Not believing in who I used to be.

Because, really it’s all just me,
The past, the future, are all part of me;
So now, I’m not letting things be,
This time, I’m trying to succeed.


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Wonder Woman (2017)



I’m tired of living in the same planes,
I’m a point fit in a 3-D frame,
I wish I was more, I wish I had fame,
A life with nothing to blame.

I keep looking through a wider lens,
Look for meaning in existence,
My minuscule hopes don’t make sense,
To the world that has nothing to fix.

I wish I was a perfect fit,
But I am not a skewed figure;
I can’t put up with the wildness,
The world offers like liquor.

I’m tired of my self help tricks,
They calm me down, let me sleep;
But when I wake up, nothing seems
Real, like a black and white valley.

It’s sad when I try, sadder when I fail;
It’s blue when I cry, red when I run away;
But all in all it’s just me, putting up with this world,
Trying to fight, failing to understand
This world, set in cryptic tones;
So, I just keep wondering, what is my role?


Destiny & Rubble…

I looked up my destiny in future’s catalogue,
It didn’t have one but a hundred;
All borne out of ash and rubble,
of struggles and tough treks.

Every time was not good enough,
Every move could’ve been done better,
Every mistake could’ve been avoided,
Every version of me could’ve been different.

But I was still me, and complaining never helped,
The future catalogue was just a bunch of possibilities,
Of all the combinations I can try and make of,
To be someone, somewhere at sometime.

But all in all it was a stupid idea,
To want to sneak a peak in the future;
What’s unwritten is full of possibilities,
Knowing the unknown is not required, it would seem.

We are so busy concluding our lives,
We try so hard to live like a movie;
But life doesn’t have closure or a perfect ending,
It’s just a series of happenings.

We want to learn the future and erase the past,
We want to change and stop time;
We are so busy wanting to do the impossible,
That we never use the ability to do the possible.

I don’t need a future to define me,
My destiny will be what I make of it;
I’m surrounded by rubble that is not something of value to you,
It’s only my hard work, perseverance and the time I consume.

I know what this rubble means to me,
It is what I’ve put together to have a future I believe in;
And what you call my destinies,
Are just a bunch of choices I’ll be making.

Blue Skies…

Blue skies of the world,
You have the power to go,
Out in the winter,
And play in the white snow.

I watch the greys and the blues,
I wish I was a part of you;
One of the best,
Diving into the misty blue.

But I just watch you drift,
Into the deep blue sea,
Above the land,
And above me.

But I won’t give up and I won’t let go,
My dream of flying as high as you;
So stay tuned, my blue sky,
Someday I’ll reach as high as you.


Keep Up The Game…

The world is dark,
But darker are my thoughts;
It is always only me,
Alone, I stand tall;
With the help of my imagination,
I can’t help but get lost;
And dive into this abyss,
Searching for a reality, that’s all.

You’ve given me many
Realities to work with,
And I’ll fight with any,
I’ll keep up with the game
That you’ve planned for me;
I can stand on my feet,
To fight against my defeat,
And face my destiny.

The world made me who I am,
And I’ll make the most of that;
I don’t cry anymore,
About things I cannot have;
I’ve learnt to fight,
For what I believe is true;
The world might be pitch black,
But I’m a lighter shade of blue.

So I’ll keep up the game,
I’ll play along for a change,
I’ll pretend you can gain
The profits of my disdain;
But I’ll be right there
Waiting for a chance,
To turn back and stab
My fears and my doubts;
I’ll kill the darker clouds,
And soon light will reach the ground.


Featured Image – Effy Stonem, Skins S1


I shackle myself with the non-required future,
The unsaid words, the un-happened tragedies;
The dark clouds of an everlasting storm,
Everything that can destroy me, in all.

It’s a stupid human habit,
With the likes of thinking the world will end;
But I don’t overwhelm myself with earthquakes,
I’m stupid enough to trivialize about non-existent tragedies instead.

Like the ones where I die, or someone I love dies;
Why do all my clairvoyant adventures end with dying?
Why do all the parallel universes don’t span my thinking?
Why do I bring up dark clouds on a sunny morning?

It’s stupid, it’s just my self-created stupidity,
To think that I’ll be guilt free if I’m not happy;
To give up life to avoid a smile,
To be scared of loving and living my own life.

So today I broke up with this person,
This person I used to be;
I don’t need her to shackle,
The unshackled girl I ought to be.


Featured Image – Game of Thrones S2