You Love Me Too…

When I look across the road
I see a part of you;
A smile similar to yours,
Eyes that look at me as you did too.
While I wait across the oceans,
Wait for you to tell me it’s all true;
All these dreams I believe in,
And all I wonder of my love for you.

I think the love we believe in
Doesn’t fit in the norms of the world;
Since I haven’t seen it,
I think it’s in permanent transience.
It’s always expanding like space,
It’s eternal like time;
Yet it feels like it’s there every moment,
As those smiles and ties, that remind me it’s alright.

I guess you feel the same;
In your letters, you did mention the pain
Of gazing the stars and thinking of me,
Of waiting for the night sky to bring you closer to me.
And I think everything is possible,
If you and I keep believing
That love is beyond time and space
And hence, we’ll meet again.

So, I’ll let every possibility be perfect,
I’ll Let them all be true.
I’ll Let go of what undermines,
Or defines,
My relationship with you.
I’ll let these moments form a sanctuary
Of my love for you.
And in my heart I’ll keep believing
That you love me too.



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The Review: The Alchemist…

Times have always been hard for dreamers. But we’ll find our way.

Dreams have, over centuries, taken up the name of “imaginary goals” for most people now. But that is not how you reach your destiny. Santiago, a shepherd, knew that his destiny was to travel. But concerned only with what he can easily perceive, he thought that he was living by his destiny. But dreams find their way. On having a recurring dream, Santiago decides to visit Tarifa so as to find its interpretation. He finds the old king here, who tells the boy the meaning of his destiny, about beginner’s luck and why one must follow one’s destiny; and that all things are one.

And thus begins the journey, aka, the struggles one faces while pursuing one’s destiny.


Santiago’s Journey

Along Santiago’s journey, I ended up learning the subtle truth about dreams, wishes, goals and struggles that nobody tells you on the road; the very fact that it’s all so necessary. There will be times when you want to give up, let things be, stay in the static and forget about your dreams. You will think that things are so hard, so maybe it’s not meant to be. But trust me, you’re just fooling yourself. Well, if it were that easy, won’t everyone do it?

Destinies are signs from the universe that direct you to what you’re meant to be. At the start, luck will favour you, so as to encourage you to follow this path. But as you come close to realizing your destiny, life will test you to know if you are worth following this road or not.

Apart from life’s constant tests, there will be struggles you face in your heart. You will get scared of failure; of what will happen if you lose. But know that if you follow your destiny, you don’t fail; you only learn and grow. It is the struggle that makes us who we are, not the results. Results are just the bonus we get for our efforts.

And then there will be love. Most of us think that finding love is the most superior goal one has…and if one achieves it, it’s all done. But what love is true that strays you from your destiny? What love makes you forget why you are who you are? Love is essential, yes, but so is our spirit. And our spirit is made by the struggles we face. If we lose one, how must we be capable of the other?

Love is there to support you in this world where we constantly search for a person who just magically ‘gets it’. And love helps you to continue in your journey.

But above all of it, there is you. There is that energy burning inside you that wants to achieve all it can. The same one you thought you lost when you were a kid. It’s still there, waiting for you to let it gleam once again; waiting for you to understand that your heart loves you and wants you to be happy.

So what is your dream? What do the omens tell you? Are you ready for the risks and challenges?

Remember, you will face many obstacles in this journey. There will be times you would want to quit all of it. But keep at it. It’s always darkest before the dawn.


Sending My Lover Some Flowers…

I’ll be sending my lover some flowers,
A day after tomorrow;
His favourite white tulips,
They let in the warmth, like lit candles.

I’ll be sending my lover some flowers,
While it rains atop the chill;
And I’ll wait to hear what his tommorows
Had to offer his still will.

I’ll be sending my lover some flowers,
The same he once gave me in pink;
The day we danced in love, for forevers
That we promised to each other at our first synchronous blink.

I’ll be sending my lover some flowers,
And hope he sees that I remember,
That he’ll always be my best luck at love,
That no one can ever compare to his love.

I’ll be sending my lover some flowers,
I’ll try to warm up that gravestone;
And hope that his favourite white tulips,
Will remind him that I’m his forever.


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The Touch of Love…

Fingertips are so unique,
And just as unique is their touch;
Some soothe you to infinite serenity,
Some titillate the senses of love.

Smooth or rough,
It depends on the games we play,
How we feel
Today and yesterday.

Traces of kaleidoscopic phases,
Captured in every touch;
All the kinds, mixed with faces,
That we wish to remember forever.

It feels so natural,
To convey feelings with touch;
No thinking required,
When you know it’s love.

The touch of love, so pure,
That it makes you shiver for all its worth;
It scares you with its belief in you,
And stresses you about what now to do.

Your fingertips tease me
To love you even more;
So surreptitiously,
Make me come closer to you.

Like ribbons of love,
As silky as melted ice,
Your fingertips
Are enough to keep me
Waiting for more;

More of what your touch can do,
More of what lies ahead;
In this ocean of tumultuous feelings,
Your fingertips guide me ahead.


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If It Is…

All day I feel
As bright as these lights,
Radiating towards me,
The sun’s so bright.
I know I’m enough,
More than enough for me;
Yet I wonder,
Is love for me?

But I don’t know,
I like things as they are;
But when I see real love,
I feel that I’m lost.
I don’t understand;
But if I ask,
I so am scared,
That it’ll disappear
out of my life again.

I don’t really know
If love’s for me,
I’m better than
Those stories of ‘make-believe’;
But if its real,
All these feelings,
I should try,
Put out, rather than reel in.

These paper chits are full
Of things I want to say to you;
But I waste all of my luck
Just wondering If I’ll fuck up;
So I tear them up in pieces,
I let them slide off my fingers,
‘love, Its without meaning’
I just let that thought linger.

I know it doesn’t matter,
My vacillating thoughts shatter
When I reach the negatives,
That brim up all my lists;
And I wish it wouldn’t matter,
But sadly it does,
But I’ll let it slide off my fingers,
As I hadn’t grasped it hard enough.

I’ll believe love’s not for me,
Than try and fool myself;
I’ll believe I’m enough for me,
That is true, I know there’s no one else;
But in my head I’m puzzled,
Because I’d like you to get to know me;
So let me know, if you want me,
But this isn’t mine to think.

So, I think of alternatives.
And the best is ‘to forget’;
Get busy with everything else,
Block these thoughts with all that’s left.
And then I won’t worry,
As I’ve let these things go,
Slide off my fingers
Into the unknown.



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The Skateboard of Beliefs..

This is another of my works from the Poetry Workshop I completed on Coursera. It took a lot of revising and re-revising, just for me to realize that I preferred the first draft. So, this is it. I hope you enjoy! 🙂


As I pass by train tracks and Juniper trees,
A sudden epiphany crosses me,
Skateboarding my way through my difficulties,
I know I can pass through with ease.

Nothing else seems to matter anymore,
It’s just me, my skateboard and these Juniper trees;
And this realization, that I so strongly hold
In my head, as I take a leap into my beliefs.

I now know nothing can hit me,
No sticks or stones can make me fall;
Riding on my skateboard through this breeze,
I understand now that I am strong.

I believe I can be whoever I want to,
I believe I can achieve whatever I need;
I know it’s true, as I skate my way through
All these naysayers, hiding behind the trees.


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It’s Been A While…

Sorry for such a long absence. I have been drafting and re-drafting new poems and I just feel that there is still a lot more work to be done to improve them.

But I want to fill this void, so I give you this poem based upon the end rhymes of The Road Not Taken by Robert Frost. This was my assignment for The Poetry Workshop course on Coursera, and since I have completed it I thought of sharing it here. I hope you enjoy!

(Based upon the end rhymes of ‘The Road Not Taken’
By Robert Frost)

The pink color of tulip wood,
And the dark brown of mahogany; both
Seemed too distinct as they stood.
Yet, I wonder if it could
Make me feel as pure and secure as the undergrowth.

Both these choices seemed fair,
If only my mind can find the better claim!
Pink or brown, what to wear;
If only I could say I’m almost there!
With these big or small decisions, it’s always the same.

So, instead I just lay
Back to sleep, let it all turn black.
And then I dream of my decisions every day!
If only I learn to figure out a way,
To solve this stack of problems to which I have been turning my back.

But all I can do is sigh;
And wait for that to happen, hence:
I’ll change this insecure routine of mine, I—
Will learn to tackle my problems and get by,
And that will, hopefully, make a difference.