The Review: Love in the Time of Cholera…

I don’t think I will ever completely understand this book. It just seemed beyond my imagination. But from all that I can grasp of it, I can tell you that it will take you through life, and not one, but the concentric circles in which everyone’s lives are intertwined.

‘Love in the Time of Cholera’ is in its true form the life of Florentino Ariza and how his life changes from the moment he sees Fermina Daza. Further, it takes into account all the people Florentino interacted with, and how they reflected upon knowing him, loving him, or just observing him. The book sees his journey from loving Fermina, wishing she loved him back, dealing with her rejection, to his ultimate goal of winning her back once again. In the meantime, half a century of time passes while life is still happening and Florentino realizes how everyone in his life played such an important part for him to be who he became.

Personally I had expected a romantic novel when I read the title. But I guess in some ways that is true about this book. It is a romance of life that goes beyond love and marriage but still stays in the realm of romanticism of happiness. While reading the book I wished it ended soon (because I found some parts very inappropriate), but by the end I wished I can be a part of this story longer. It took me some time after finishing the book to truly appreciate it, but I guess now thinking about the whole story altogether, it was truly love in the time of cholera.


The Yester Life…

We’re out the door,
Looking for something more,
Out of our comfort zone,
No more waiting by the phone.

It’s not the first time,
Just the first try,
To use the plans lying wry,
Inside the desk drawer of our yester life.

The lines on our faces,
And the scars that it traces,
Don’t lie about the places,
That we’ve traveled through ages.

And it’s now or never,
Because in the past it never happened,
But after all that we’ve persevered,
There’s no need to dissemble.

Now that we are here,
There’s nothing left to fear,
As we did in those past years;
Now, all the scars can disappear.

So go on your path,
The road is yours at last,
Run away from your past,
Into the blissful ever last.


The Review: Veronika Decides to Die…

With her stable job as a librarian, long line of handsome men wanting her, and a loving family, young and pretty Veronika has everything a person would want. Yet, she feels a certain unhappiness and emptiness in her life, that she decides to commit suicide. After an unsuccessful attempt to meet death and an incurable heart, she is fated to die in a week. Veronika spends these days in Villete, Slovakia, and meets people who soon become entangled in her life as she is in theirs.

‘Veronika Decides to Die’ is a journey towards understanding yourself and your sufferings as you try to fit in a world that you don’t understand. The book goes through the experiences of Veronika and how her life has a strange effect on that of Zedka, Mari and Eduard as they see Veronika’s growing appreciation for life. As the book proceeds, Veronika starts to understand how beautiful her life is, what she could’ve made of it and finally appreciates everyday as a miracle.

There are moments when we, ourselves, are the biggest obstacle to our life: when, even though things are fine, we suddenly need something out of our reach; how, in a happy life, we try our best to pinpoint sadness; and how sometimes we are just waiting for things to happen. We rationalize our placebo sadness by hiding from reality, thinking that we lack in certain capacities, sometimes believing that this life isn’t worth living, or as is normally seen, fixing ourselves in a routine and calling it stability. Because of this, we forget the importance of risks, of doing things we always wanted to, and give away precious time not really doing anything.

This book has made me understand a fact that I don’t think I would have otherwise, that sadness is a luxury. It might sound like a weird point of view, but if you think about it you will find it to be true. In my experience, I don’t remember being sad when I’m working on a super busy schedule, on the contrary, those are my happiest days. However, holidays make me really depressed and sad, that too for negligible things.

I think this book gave me hope, and, in some way, life. I don’t think I would’ve been able to extract such immense happiness out of every moment of my life if I hadn’t read this book, and though I am a happy person, I guess now I‘m just happier.


I don’t know what I was thinking,
Maybe I didn’t give myself enough time;
I was busy, not thinking;
Thought the time would someday be mine.

Every day I felt it coming,
My new little big dream;
It was real, it was shimmering,
Like the stars, lying next to me.

But someday never came,
And I was already drenched with dreams;
Grasping didn’t help,
I was already out of reach.

And time couldn’t stand still,
It kept moving day after day;
And I kept sitting and waiting,
And years just washed away.

When I woke up it was colder,
The winter was here again;
My dreams were already frozen,
But I was alive and breathing.

So, I guess it’s never coming,
Whatever I thought might someday;
It’s just me and this time,
And I have to learn how not to throw it away.


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On Starting Again…

There are times in your life when you wish to just start over again. You wish that that random kid didn’t bully you when you were five, that you didn’t befriend that friend who’s going to betray you ten years later, that you chose what you always wanted in the start instead of wasting ten years of your life, and well, what not. Starting over seems like the best proposition to being, in minimalistic terms, perfect.

But I believe there is a VERY big flaw to this plan: That you won’t be this person that you are today.

Think about it; if there were no bullies, you wouldn’t have learnt to be strong and fight back; if someone never betrayed you, you wouldn’t have learnt to be more careful; if you never picked up the wrong road to follow, maybe you never would’ve found your true passion. It short, you wouldn’t be here, thinking of “what ifs”, if you hadn’t made all those mistakes or had those experiences that you beat yourself about.

All I’m trying to say is that it’s okay; we all have those taped holes in our boats. But, thankfully, we are afloat. And we have a choice; it is still up to us where we want to row our boats to. 🙂

I Can’t Feel It…

Sometimes I feel I am caged in my own world,
Meeting the same people, taking the same turns;
Sometimes I think it’s ‘joie de vivre’,
But all the other times I collapse in a blur.

Sometimes I feel I’m the protagonist in a music album,
With those same indie tracks in the background;
Sometimes I’m happy to sing along,
But all the other times I want to crash and burn.

Those times keep weighing more each day,
My patience is testing my dopamine levels;
I’m hurrying some days, just to get them done,
And all the other days chase after the ones that I’ve shunned.

These caged walls keep coming closer every day,
I’m out of breath and out of game;
Sometimes I want to stop trying
To break out of my mental chains.

But that all me, and all left for me;
It is what wakes me up every morning.
Sometimes things are hard to deal with,
But on all the other days, courage is the currency of my dealings.

I don’t know where this is going;
Tomorrow might be the same, or maybe it won’t.
All I know is that I can keep hoping
And keep on going, because that’s just what I do.


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I wish I could love you too,
But people change the way you don’t want them to,
And I don’t want to be tied up facing the truth,
About this life we ruined with the facts we knew;
So don’t be afraid of missing me,
‘Cause I’ve found the loophole we both need,
It’s called moving forward and not giving a shit,
It’s the same thing we did when we didn’t feel a thing.